Thursday, 18 August 2011

My fake addiction…..

The natural progression to go on from the nail storage was onto my nail addiction Winking smile

I have an addiction to false nails !!! & I'm not ashamed to say i love it !! I love nothing more than seeing my storage unit stocked to the brim with false nails as I'm scared of running out & not being able to replace nails that i have come off or been bitten off (Yes i do tend to bite my nails off which isn’t good)… I’m a nail bitter & i even with falsies on i tend to bite at these after a while which causes them to not look good after a while as i can sometimes really chew down on them lol…. This is what that addiction looks like (Do i have a problem ha-ha)
My natural nails are just a state i do not feel feminine without my false nails being on & i just feel super girly when i have them on so i can paint them with all the different colours i have , we’ll all the different variation of browns i have (More on the polishes to come in recent blog posts)….
The brand of nails i love are elegant touch & they really are the best nails for me. I choose the ultra short version & they are the right length for me as i don’t like them to look false i try to make them look as natural as possible. I like the false look but i want them to be real Winking smile with it. These just blow the other brands i have used out of the water they look very natural on the nail, easy to apply & come in a whole range of sizes and colours from French manicured to full painted on glamour nails. I always go for the French manicure as i do like to paint over them so seems a waste to get the coloured ones (They don’t do many different coloured variations that i like) so i stick to the ones i have tried & tested.
Now the ones i get retail for around the £6.50 mark which i find are a little expensive but as these can last me for around a month if not longer then they are worth the money. I’m not sure how much the other ones cost though as i tend to get the ones i want & run. They sometimes have a 3 for 2 offer on these so i stock up when the offer is on & it is worth it so my store cupboard on nails are well stocked up.
The nail glue i use is the elegant touch brush on glue which retails at around £3.50 i find this the easiest glue to use as it has a brush so i can distribute the glue over my nail & attach. I find the other nail glues without the brush far too messy & i can sometimes put too much on which i find to be a pain. The best nail glue that i have found to be the best bonding agent to keep the nails on for even longer is from the brand Kiss which i think is a little but more expensive but it is very good & well worth the money. I would purchase this again if it came in a brush form but as it doesn’t i stick with the elegant touch as it is less messy.
I am a huge advocate of false nails but always always take them off correctly as if not then they do leave you’re nails in a mess. I am at the moment having a break in-between using my false nails but will be reapplying these at the weekend just to make myself feel better Smile
Here are the false nails on i think they look pretty enough real & i get a lot of compliments & disbelieve that their NOT real, I've had people go as far as asking me to do apply false nails to them but i think I'll stick to just doing my own & just applying polish to other peoples nails.
What are your views on false nails? Do you wear them? What brands do you use/recommend?

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